KGI Hong Kong Subsidiaries

KGI Hong Kong (KGI HK) is composed of more than a dozen overseas subsidiaries wholly owned by KGI Securities, such as KGI Asia Limited, KGI Futures (Hong Kong) Limited, KGI Capital Asia Limited, KGI Investments Management Limited, KGI International (Hong Kong) Limited and KGI Asset Management Limited. KGI HK commenced operations in early 1997, acquired Seapower Securities Ltd. and Seapower Futures Ltd. in 1999, and merged with Taiwan Securities Hong Kong Subsidiaries in late 2009. After becoming a subsidiary company of China Development Financial Holding Corporation in 2012, KGI HK merged with Grand Cathy Securities Hong Kong subsidiaries in 2013 and formed the current operation structure.
KGI HK has steadily grown to a fully diversified platform for launching various investment products and services, including securities, futures, corporate finance, fixed income, equities, derivatives, wealth management and personal investment services. Facing rapid technological changes, KGI HK has actively upgraded its online trading platform and has become one of the largest online trading brokers in Hong Kong. KGI HK's clients are able to trade both in local markets and in markets around the world.
KGI HK's brokerage market share in Hong Kong has only been surpassed by major international investment banks and outperforming peers from Taiwan. At present, KGI HK has a staff of nearly one nine hundred and a total of five business locations in Hong Kong, including the head office, branches and investment management centers. KGI HK styles itself as a stalwart of excellence driven by an innovative business culture, which credentials stand out among Taiwanese financial peers as a brand with extensive international reach.
In order to further leverage KGI HK resources and its customer base, KGI HK expanded the scale of its major businesses and launched its fixed income and futures business to strengthen its competitive advantages with strong risk control mechanisms in 2012. These efforts have served KGI HK well in the competitive financial market in Hong Kong and reinforced its position as a top  investment partner. In 2016, KGI HK was awarded with “The Most Popular Taiwanese Broker” by Hong Kong Commercial Daily, showcasing its public recognition.
With the professional knowledge and wealth of experience of its professionals, KGI HK will continually provide innovative financial products and diversified services to  clients by satisfying their needs.
Believing in the philosophy of contributing to society, KGI HK has been actively participating in various kinds of charity works and establishing strategic partnerships with different non-profit organizations. KGI HK has been awarded with the logo of “Caring Company 10 Years Plus” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the thirteen consecutive years (2008-2020) as a token of recognition of its long-term and continuous efforts in caring for the community, employees and environment. KGI HK puts the spirit of dedication and generosity into action and serves as a role model in fulfilling corporate and social responsibilities.