CDF announced net profits of NT$608 million for the month of August 2018


The cumulative net profits in January - August 2018 were NT$8.437 billion, translating into net profits of NT$0.58 per share.
Its principal subsidiaries, KGI Securities and China Life registered net profits of  NT$558 million and NT$1.143 billion respectively for the month of August 2018.
In the same period, KGI Bank and CDIB Capital Group incurred net losses of NT$81 million and 63 million.
The cumulative net profits in January–August 2018 for KGI Bank, KGI Securities, CDIB Capital Group and China Life were NT$2.142 billion (or NT$0.46 per share) , NT$3.504 billion (or NT$1.08 per share) , $2.535 billion (or NT$1.24per share) and  NT$10.277 billion (or NT$2.56 per share) ,respectively.