CDF’s sixty-years’ search for financial innovation and sustainable operation


China Development Financial (hereinafter CDF) celebrated its 60th birthday today. In order to make 12,000 employees feel special, we held a 'Cross-Time, Zero Distance' internet connection celebratory event. Employees from Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung celebrated CDF’s birthday at the same time, tasting the fruits of sixty years’ efforts made by CDF members. The past sixty years of CDF’s existence has been a journey of excellence, innovation, care, and payback and the next sixty years will be so as well. We hope that CDF, driven by the development of our four main subsidiaries, will continue to be a source of excellent and innovative services to our clients, care to our employees and payback to the society.
Chairman Chia-Juch Chang said that CDF has begun operations as a trust company on May 14 1959, having transformed into an industrial bank in 1999, created the financial holding company in 2001, merged KGI Securities in 2012, merged KGI Bank in 2014, merged China Life in 2017, so that it can become a full-fledged financial holding company now. Chairman Chang stresses that sixty years ago, CDF had as a trust company worked with the government’s policies to support industries at different stages. From the textile industry in the 1960s, the infrastructure and petrochemicals in the 1970s, the electronics and IT industry in the 1980s, and the then the semiconductor and optoelectronics in the 1990s, “CDF’s investment history is the history of Taiwan’s industrial development,” said President Chang not as a slogan, but a statement of the truth.
Today, in response to the trend of financial innovation, President Alan Wang pointed out that CDF’s subsidiaries have proactively rolled out many innovative services, China Life, as one, uses digital innovation to implement the core spirit of love and care, embracing business intelligence (Agent Intelligence), using FinTech to promote process optimization and service automation; KGI Bank actively promotes financial innovation, deepens existing customer contacts and introduces new customer base through digital financial technology practice 'Open Banking' concept; KGI Securities is the first in the brokerage industry to launch the LINE personalized banking services and has developed its own Li-Cai-Quai-I-Fu app to extend the functions of wealth management onto mobile devices. CDIB Capital has capitalized on a wealth of investment experience, transformed asset management investment into an industry with great potential, and set up the CDF Innovation Accelerator to provide entrepreneurs with operational space and a platform on which to start businesses.
Employees of CDF and its subsidiaries have on the celebratory event of the sixtieth anniversary shown a high degree of solidarity. Its subsidiaries, including KGI Bank, KG Securities, China Life, and Taichung and Kaohsiung branches have used internet connection to sing the happy birthday song together. The cutting of the cake marks the beginning of the next sixty years that promise to be just as glorious.